In just 10 months I have gone from a total novice internet marketer to a “perceived’ expert in my field.

The Unlimited Power Online event next month shall be an extremely proud occasion for me, as less than 1 year after I attended the 2009 event as a total “newbie” I shall be returning, but this time as a speaker.

Alongside me on the bill shall be some of the most famous internet marketers and motivational speakers in the world, such as Joel Comm, Mike Koenigs, Vishen Lakhiani, Rayond Aaron, Rosalind Gardner, Mitch Carson and more….. Check out the full line up here.

Since the announcement of the line up I have received a number of congratulatory notes and praise from people who have been surprised at the speed of my success.

So what is the secret? How have I been able position myself alongside industry experts in such a short space of time?

The 7 Steps To Authority In Your Field….

In this blog post I shall be explaining the step by step system I used over the last 10 months, which if you follow too will gain you authority in your field faster than you can imagine.

Professional Expert

1. Be The Expert

YOU are the only person who is going to appoint yourself “expert” status. This is a tough one for many people to get their heads around but authority is not earned, it is stated. No one else is going to tell you you’re good enough, or smart enough, or qualified enough to be an expert, you have to stake the claim yourself. Whatever your market, find a small niche within that market you can claim as your own. If you are in the internet marketing industry for instance, you could position yourself as the “viral video expert” or the “email marketing expert” but whatever the market find a niche and claim it as your own.

2. Create A Blog

In order to be seen as an expert in your field you need to be seen. Put another way you need an online presence. As the authority in your field you should be creating content about your chosen subject that supports your claim as the expert. The best way to do this is by creating a blog. Update the blog regularly with keyword rich valuable content and use SEO or distribute videos using a service like traffic geyser so that you get found should anyone be looking for information about your subject matter. Make sure also that your blog has an about section with a compelling biography and details of how to get in contact with you.

3. Credibility by Association

Almost instant credibility can be obtained by visiting conferences and events attended by famous people and industry leaders. Events are a springboard, not just because of the information delivered on stage but because of the connections made in the corridors and foyer during the breaks.  When I attended Unlimited Power Online last year the greatest value I got was by connecting with the speakers. Rarely do you get opportunity to connect with famous people on a one to one basis so take the opportunity when you have it. To leverage these opportunities to the fullest get photographs taken with the speakers, very rarely will they decline. Purely on the basis that you have a picture with a famous person, others will associate you as being equal.

4. Connect Using Social Media

Once you have connected with these people off line, make sure you take those relationships online. If you built a relationship with a speaker at an event (however small) they will normally accept a Facebook request as long as you do it soon after. It is important not to take a stance as a “fan” as this will put them off, you have connected one to one now so can approach them just like you would as a friend. Once they have accepted continue the relationship by replying to their posts every now and again. Overtime you will find the relationship develops in to a two way relationship and the famous people will start commenting on your posts. When you have the social proof of photographs and comments by them on your wall, ramp things up and start adding other famous people to your network.

5. Create Products

If you have a product people will “perceive you” as knowing your stuff. This has to be one of the quickest ways to elevate your authority in any field. Product creation is far easier than you think, and in fact if you are clever you can leverage the relationships you have now created in the industry and ask the “gurus” you are now connected with to contribute to your product. Few of them will decline an interview, as it increase their status as an expert too. You will no doubt create a product that everyone raves about, and when you do get testimonials from both customers and other experts.

6. Speak on stage

This can be daunting to many but speaking on stage is a sure fire way to create authority. I have used this tactic several times this year and it has no doubt helped me position myself as an expert. Public speaking is not for everyone, but it is one thing that you should push yourself to do as it is an instant credibility builder.

Speaking at You Learn Twit Face, June 2010

7. Press Releases

The key to getting the most out of speaking at events is maximizing the coverage you get after. Create a press release about the event and submit it in local media and to press release services like Web Wire.  Include a link back to your blog where readers will find out more information about you. You should also leverage speaking events through social media coverage. Make the effort to post actively on Facebook and Twitter before, during and after the event and the message will be seen by your network of followers.

Of course these are not the only things you can be doing…..

Workshops – Putting on your own branded workshops will certainly elevate your authority. There is no greater expert than a teacher.

Write a column – Look for opportunities to write a column in a newspaper, magazine or contribute regularly to an industry website as this will give you great visibility. Radio shows are another way this can be achieved.

Write a book – This is no small task, however it does not need to be difficult if you create a digital book and use the tactic described in step 5 about product creation. Few things can give you greater perceived authority than being a published author.

Putting the steps in to practice

“No one else is going to tell you you’re good enough, or smart enough, or qualified enough to do what you want to do.”

Sounds like a simple idea, and very obvious — but you’re fighting years of conditioning (mostly from the school system & your typical corporate structure) that has taught you someone else will tell you when you’re ready… when you’re good enough. No one told me I was ready, but I just want out there anyway.

Believe me, when you understand this — I mean really “get it” — your confidence will soar and you’ll be amazed at how quickly good things start happening.

You are already the expert, go out there and claim overnight authority.