For most of the web-based businesses, the journey from shared hosting to dedicate server hosting is the story of their success. As online business grows and the website or portal begins to receive more traffic, consumes more bandwidth or there is a greater need for security and customization, this movement becomes mandatory. It is the dedicated server level which is considered highest level of self-sufficiency. A dedicated server, as mention in the name, is solely dedicated to one website or portal only or so called dedicated to a client only. All applications run on it and all platforms which it supports work only for one website. Depending on who is performing the customizations, these servers could either be self-managed or the service provider manages it on your behalf. In the latter case, these are called managed dedicated servers.

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Growth of Web Hosting Industries

In Malaysia, the hosting industry is expanding rapidly, as more and more online ventures are coming up. In the last 15 years or so, there has been a rapid increase in the number of clients who now have a website or use web-based platforms for online presence. This rise has been fuelled by increasing awareness about the uses of internet and has been helped by convergence of technologies (information and communication), growth of internet marketing, social media and greater penetration of internet in different cities of Malaysia. These developments have increased usage of web-based services considerably which, in turn, has led to rise in demand for dedicated server Malaysia hosting services.

Dedicated Server Vs Virtual Private Server (VPS)

While the virtual private server (VPS) providers offer a dedicated machine, this is not really the case. There is a very limit to the extent of modifications or customizations which can be done on VPS servers. If these limitations hinder your operations or come in the way of future plans, a dedicated server is a better choice.

Self-Managed Server or Managed Server

A dedicated server is either self-managed or managed by a provider. This is the best option if you know what you are doing with it and how to do it. If there is no technical expertise available, it is better to leave this task to providers who are experts in this domain and opt for managed servers.

If there is an issue with the physical location or maintenance of the dedicated server, there are co-location service providers who provide safe spaces for a monthly rent. These providers assure physical safety of the servers from all possible threats while you enjoy the freedom to use these the way you want.

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By one estimate, the hosting service industry in Malaysia is worth billions of dollars, and the ecommerce industry is worth tens of billions of dollars. These market prospects are encouraging several online ventures, especially in the ecommerce domain and in the enterprise level solutions. These require dedicated server support for the requirement of greater customizations and running varied applications. Considering the benefits of security, flexibility, scalability and reliability which providers of dedicated server Malaysia give to users, their use is going to increase in the future.