What possibly makes you come here? May be you are a one taking a leap towards the Digital Marketing or a job seeker or maybe you are an advertising lover as I am. I welcome you as we get ready to make our social media professional life easy and simple and full of more fun!

In my first post, I am here to let you know if you need to be in this wide opportunistic field of Online Marketing. What should you be doing with it? Which and Where should you take a startup course.

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So what is Digital Advertising?

Digital Marketing is advertising your products, businesses all over internet. Well to give you an easy example, you are here on internet and reading my blog. This is itself a Digital Marketing strategy.

Is Digital marketing here to stay and stay forever you mean?

Digital Marketing happens to be one of the most fast moving businesses in these times. Every Business wants to target the Internet population of about 2 billion ( Reference : Wikipedia , Internet World Stats ). Gone are the days when a Local Business like a Fitness Gym advertiser would look for his clients through conventional marketing methods only. Businesses which are adapting Digital Marketing techniques are rising at an exponential rate. The Supply and demand statistics is quiet far from being comparable. The demand for Digital Advertisers is here to stay and with a secure future. The Internet would not finish or vanish but it is only to grow. So be positive in taking a leap!

Who should make a career in Digital Advertising / Online Marketing / Digital Marketing?

Oh simple as it already is, I love  being on Facebook chatting and gossiping, keeping a check on my friends love interests may be , I love to re tweet from Mr. Bachchan may be, yeah I love watching YouTube videos too. Am I fit for being a Digital Advertiser? Please check I know internet slang as well. But what more. Here are the skills you must self-analyze before taking a leap towards Online Marketing.

Passionate for Internet: Yes, for a digital marketer, being an ardent fan of Internet and being an advertising fanatic is a must but for a correct reason.You need not be a developer or coding freak to learn Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is no Rocket Science. Agreed but Digital Marketing professionals should be aware of technology platforms and must be prepared to adapt to changing technologies now and then.Great Communication Skills – An Online Marketer must be able to communicate well to its business’s prospective customer. It may be in form of prominent content. The advertiser must be able to convey the correct message through digital means.Marketing Techniques – Conventional or Digital, You are a marketer anyways. The basic concepts of Marketing and Advertising from traditional marketing are pressed in Online advertising as well. So you should be a Marketer by heart and brain both.Making Digital & Conventional move hand in hand – Do not be in a myth that once you are in Digital Marketing, the conventional ways have to be forgotten and its only internet your way. Making Traditional and Digital Marketing hand in hand is necessary. For example the leads from Digital can be taken to grab a customer via traditional means and vice versa. So you should be prepared to accept that.Great Analytical Skills – A Digital Marketers must be good in analyzing data. You must have a data driven mind set. Do not worry this business jargon will be clear once you step into it.

What qualifications do your require for pursuing a Digital Marketing Course?

Anyone who is able to perfectly blend the above mentioned points in his professional life can boost of a great career in Digital Marketing. But a basic diploma or a degree in any field of education to pursue a course is advantageous. After all experience to adapt to new innovation or technology do come via education.

Where should I join for a perfect Digital Marketing Training Programme?

You must join an institute which lays the foundation of making you a perfect online advertiser by a practical approach. That means a hands on experience via projects is a must. You cannot study a Digital Marketing course by a paper and pen anyway. Web Marketing Academy, Bangalore is one such institutes that provides a great learning experience. The alumni from WMA boosts of a perfectly toned faculty in form of both experience and quality. There are other institutes offering a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge which I will take up in my upcoming posts.

What are the options to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

The best part of pursuing a career in Digital Marketing is provision of wider opportunities.

You can take up a job as a starter in small set ups like Digital Marketing Agencies which offer a learning experience and adopt a wider approach in Digital Marketing Strategies. So you get to practical learn more strategies than concentrating on one.Look out for opportunities in Digital Marketing in Indian Metros here.Many Multinational Companies (MNC’s) like IBM, Accenture, TCS, are offering opportunities in this field in concentrated domains.You can also freelance easily in this field if you are able to network well. This will allow you to work in flexibility and let you maintain the work home balance. Earning through blogging is a great example of freelancing.You can also start up your own Digital marketing services implementing them to newer firms again if you are already in a great network or have started preparing to be in one.

Here is a good book to follow for learning Digital Marketing Strategies.

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